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  • ipad 2 cover

    It's not something you would carry all the time. I think it would be good around family and friends to show off slide shows or let them try it out while on the stand. I have the apple ipad 2 cover and the device is not stable while propped if you are touching the screen unless it is laying in the flat propped position. That limits it pretty much
    Posted to General (Public) (Forum) by iPad2covers on 12-07-2011
  • portable iPad 2 accessories

    That iPad 2 stand is fantastic that it works with the iPad 2 Skins too! It's also great that when you push the home button that it doesn't slide! I hate that on my iPhone Scosche kickstand case I end up chasing my 3GS all over the desk if I don't use 2 hands.
    Posted to General (Public) (Forum) by iPad2covers on 12-07-2011
  • Best iPad 2 accessories

    It was designed for musicians and dj's. It holds many things, mixers, turntables, laptops, etc. I saw it and thought it would be great for the ipad because of the many angles you can can use. Each of the 3 sections swivel. I can keep my iPad 2 dock on and use landscape or portrait mode. Makes it convenient to use my wireless keyboard too. Yea it
    Posted to General (Public) (Forum) by iPad2covers on 12-07-2011
  • My iPad 2 stand

    Just got my iPad 2 Stand in. I thought this would work great for the iPad and it does. Each part swivels to put in multiple angles and positions. Sturdy yet portable. I can push home and off buttons and it doesn't MOVE at all. Whatcha think?
    Posted to General (Public) (Forum) by iPad2covers on 12-07-2011
  • iPad 2 Chargers

    I'm further skeptical about the ability of the inventor to interest a wide range of apps in supporting his product. Time will tell, but the fractured market for handwriting apps presents a big challenge. Finally, I'm rather skeptical about the juice the receiver is likely to require and the fact that it apparently cannot be used with the iPad
    Posted to General (Public) (Forum) by iPad2covers on 12-07-2011
  • ipad 2 styluses

    Noted this on another thread but it's worth noting here that the claim that the iPen can generate a finer line than capacitive ipad 2 styluses are simply bogus. The width of a line on the iPad is determined by the handwriting app, not the stylus. The video demonstration of the finer line made by the iPen is, I think, simply dishonest. That alone
    Posted to General (Public) (Forum) by iPad2covers on 12-07-2011
  • iPen for iPad

    find a cool ipad 2 stylus on Kickstarter called iPen. just google Kickstarter iPen
    Posted to General (Public) (Forum) by iPad2covers on 12-07-2011
  • Cool accessories for the ipad 2

    Ok, this is my absolute FAVORITE iPad 2 accessories for the iPad 2 that i've found! its a fully wireless bluetooth LASER keyboard. all you carry around is the extremely small brick so it definitely is one of the most portable if not the most portable separated keyboard, using it allows you to use the case of your choice which I vote is the best
    Posted to General (Public) (Forum) by iPad2covers on 12-07-2011
  • handheld bluetooth keyboard

    Im honestly not a fan of this one, but hey i thought i'd throw it in just to let you know these type are available if you like the idea. this is basically just a mini Microsoft arc keyboard if you know what that one is. i haven't gotten my hand on one so i really can't testify to how good of a feel holding one of these are, but hey its a
    Posted to General (Public) (Forum) by iPad2covers on 12-07-2011
  • case and keyboard for the iPad 2

    This one i really love because it goes along with my original favorite portfolio style case, the targus 360 rotating case. Just now they've built in a keyboard! It can also come in both the black and a creme colored white. To know more about the case itself check out my other review of top ipad cases. its really an awesome case. the ipad 2 keyboards
    Posted to General (Public) (Forum) by iPad2covers on 12-07-2011
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