Minnesota Gaming Center & Internet Café (Lounge51)
Minnesota's Largest Internet Gaming Center with (30) Thirty High End Gaming systems packed with over (130) One Hundred thirty of the best games ever made. Official NHL Air Hockey Table, Large Screen TV with some Lounge'n Sofa's to play PS3, xBox, DDR, Guitar Hero and more.
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  • ideas, rants, rhetorical questions....

    What happened to the next-gen look? Is the lounge going to be mostly PC? There's already a PS3, but will it end there? I was thinking of the xbox360... The Live Arcade seems to be a fantastic approach to gameplay, so would it be more appealing to the crowd in the lounge? (think reees) The Wii is a little more "active", if you will, and might need more
    Posted to Suggestion Box (Forum) by oneevilchef on 05-22-2007
  • Something I've been meaning to ask....

    A buddy of mine has asked, "What are the specs of the top-of-the-line computers that you run?" I can't seem to find it on the site at all... p.s. what are the 'bottom-of-the-line' or minimum specs? (you know- the old ones in the back...) :)
    Posted to Open Discussion (Forum) by oneevilchef on 05-22-2007
  • Mmm-kay....

    Um.... Does this mean that i am the second to blog? Okay, let me be frank then. No, not frank himself. Let me be truthful... Say it with me: I AM AN IDIOT. You too? wow! Nobody reads my blogs anyway.... oh well
    Posted to oneevilchef (Weblog) by oneevilchef on 07-11-2006
  • What to do...

    ...when you have a lot of time on your hands... Has anyone heard of the Mentos myth ? Apparently, if you pop a mentos into a can/bottle of cola, the results are EXPLOSIVE!!!! See what I'm talking about here: The Mentos Experiment Or here: The Mentos Live Test Firing ...And remember: HAVE FUN!!!
    Posted to Open Discussion (Forum) by oneevilchef on 06-29-2006
  • BF2 New Mod

    There is a new mod for Battlefield 2 called "Armored Fury" out. The Website Promotion runs as such: -> Features Battlefield 2 is proud to introduce its second booster pack, Armored Fury . The battle continues in a brand-new theater as the US forces are fighting on their own soil -- defend your territory against the MEC and Chinese forces, from the
    Posted to Suggestion Box (Forum) by oneevilchef on 06-22-2006
  • ATC

    There's a new program out for Battlefield 2 called: Advanced Tactical Center ( ATC ) It is a program that can plan out battles for clans better than just conversation. The program can be found here: http://www.foolishentertainment.com/index.asp?p=3&s=1&c=39
    Posted to Suggestion Box (Forum) by oneevilchef on 03-24-2006
  • New Software

    Applications.... Games.... Demos....
    Posted to Suggestion Box (Forum) by oneevilchef on 03-24-2006
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