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Cool accessories for the ipad 2

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iPad2covers Posted: 12-07-2011 12:30 AM

   Ok, this is my absolute FAVORITE iPad 2 accessories for the iPad 2 that i've found! its a fully wireless bluetooth LASER keyboard. all you carry around is the extremely small brick so it definitely is one of the most portable if not the most portable separated keyboard, using it allows you to use the case of your choice which I vote is the best option and versatility, and also its one of the most innovative and coolest things i've ever seen. 

   Basically it boasts an 150 minute battery life, connectable through bluetooth and usb 2.0 if you also wanted to connect it to your laptop, a full qwerty 63 key keyboard, and full notebook sized. also in using it on a mouse supported device it has a mouse feature built in where you can simply use your surface as a mouse. it is awesome! it even clicks if you would like it too when you hit a key just like a normal keyboard. Now i haven't actually messed with this device because its 169.99 price tag is a bit hefty, but id kill to have one or review one. the biggest eye catcher you could have.

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