Minnesota Gaming Center & Internet Café (Lounge51)
Minnesota's Largest Internet Gaming Center with (30) Thirty High End Gaming systems packed with over (130) One Hundred thirty of the best games ever made. Official NHL Air Hockey Table, Large Screen TV with some Lounge'n Sofa's to play PS3, xBox, DDR, Guitar Hero and more.
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  • Open 10:00am until 8:00pm

    Mondays through Thursdays Lounge51 is open from 10:00am until 8:00pm
    Posted to Lounge51 by kiamori on 04-27-2007
  • New Spring 2007 Hours for Lounge51

    New Spring Hours for Lounge51 Mondays: 10:00am until 8:00pm Tuesdays: 10:00am until 8:00pm Wednesdays: 10:00am until 8:00pm Thursdays: 10:00am until 8:00pm Fridays: 11:00am until midnight Saturdays: 10:00am until midnight Sundays: CLOSED (except for special...
    Posted to Lounge51 by kiamori on 04-27-2007
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  • Special Mega Pass $15

    Unlimited Game Play From: 3:00pm Until: Midnight Cost: only $15
    Posted to Lounge51 by kiamori on 03-16-2007
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  • World Can't Wait Video

    This video says more then I could say in a single blog article, please watch the video and give some feedback. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1633215201221503717&q=patriot+act+supreme+court&hl=en Then visit the site: http://www.worldcantwait...
    Posted to kiamori by kiamori on 11-10-2006
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  • Wow, Site revamp looks good.

    Wow, Site revamp looks good. I used a few screen shots from lineage2 to fill the front page as the game has amazing graphics and looked decent for the new skin of the site. Hope you all like it! Anyways also going to try and get the results up for the...
    Posted to Lounge51 by kiamori on 10-01-2006
  • Site Revamp/New Skin.

    I'm working on the site today, giving it a new skin so it doesn't look so boring. Let me know what you think.
    Posted to Lounge51 by kiamori on 09-10-2006
  • Lineage2 Radio Rocks!

    Listen Now links for: high speed / low speed internet radio So this whole lineage2 thing is pretty cool and now they have radio that actually has good music. You don't have to play or even own the game to listen to the L2 Radio. If you play mmo's you...
    Posted to Lounge51 by kiamori on 09-09-2006
  • Chronicle 5 is out for Lineage2!

    I've made available via our file downloads area some additional movie downloads for the Chronicle 5 release. Lineage2 downloads area is here: http://lounge51.com/files/31/lineage2/default.aspx A feature list of Chronicle 5 can be found here: http://lineage2...
    Posted to Lounge51 by kiamori on 09-07-2006
  • Start your own blog right here on lounge51.com today!

    Ever wanted to make yourself heard? Well now you can with your own lounge51 blog. All you need to do is: Click join at the top of the page Create an account. Login Click administration then my blogs. Click new post and create your first blog post. Thats...
    Posted to Lounge51 by kiamori on 09-06-2006
  • Mmm-kay....

    Um.... Does this mean that i am the second to blog? Okay, let me be frank then. No, not frank himself. Let me be truthful... Say it with me: I AM AN IDIOT. You too? wow! Nobody reads my blogs anyway.... oh well
    Posted to oneevilchef by oneevilchef on 07-11-2006
  • Six New Gaming Systems Online in our Rochester Gaming Center!

    Replacing our previous systems with these Top End downright killergamer systems by Area51 Computers . Base Spec's on these killer systems: AMD 64 Bit Dual Core Processor 2GB Cas2 XMS RAM Ati X850XT PCI-E Video Card 250GB 16MB fast cache HDD Raidmax, NZXT...
    Posted to kiamori by kiamori on 06-03-2006
  • Magic the Gathering on sale at Lounge51

    If you play Magic: the Gathering, or want to learn how to play, Lounge51 carries the cards! The packs are going for $2.99 and the singles are listed online. Although the singles are not yet done, they should be done by June 10th. Thanks, if you have any...
    Posted to Preacher2287 by Preacher2287 on 06-01-2006
  • I was the first to post a blog message...

    I just wanted to post a blog message...
    Posted to Preacher2287 by Preacher2287 on 05-08-2006
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